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Extreme No. 2 Cream

Extreme No. 2 Cream

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Size: 70ml

Extreme No. 2 Cream is a nourishing formulation rich in botanical extracts to protect, soothe, and heal Dry Skin.

Rosemary, witch hazel, sage, and lavender combine to lend antioxidant power to this cream, which helps your skin fight premature aging by combatting the effects of environmental contaminants.

Centella asiatica, squalene, and jojoba oil all feature prominently, delivering the essential fatty acids and amino acids that make this a moisturizing, soothing cream.

Other key ingredients include chamomile, which helps soothe irritated skin, leaving your complexion refreshed and energized. It also contains hydrolyzed silk, which is a powerful conditioner designed to leave skin feeling soft and smooth.

Instructions for use: This moisturizer makes an excellent base for makeup. To use it, apply on cleansed skin morning and evening after you’ve applied your favorite toner, serums, and treatments.

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