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Extreme No. 1 Cream

Extreme No. 1 Cream

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Size: 70ml

Extreme No. 1 Cream is a powerfully hydrating cream, perfect for nourishing and balancing sensitive skin.

This calming, delicate cream helps even out skin tones and deeply nourish the skin. Rich with plant extracts, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and natural oils, this moisturizing cream treats skin conditions like rosacea, sensitive skin, and dry skin. This product is a perfect example of how powerful a good moisturizer can be in your skin routine.

Extreme No. 1 Cream is a professional skin care product made with a wide range of fatty acids and plant extracts including Ivy Leaf, Witch Hazel, Arnica Montana, Hypericum, Horse Chestnut, and Grape Leaf.

These ingredients work together to help provide a cooling and moisturizing effect on skin that treats and refreshing your skin while also improving the overall moisture levels and suppleness of your skin texture.

Instructions for use: This cream can be used daily when applied on clean skin in the morning and at night.

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