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Extreme No. 3 Cream

Extreme No. 3 Cream

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Size: 70ml

Extreme No. 3 Cream is a versatile formula suited for repairing Unbalanced Skin.

Not only is this a balancing formula, but it contains several powerful botanical ingredients known to soothe irritated skin—like arcticum majus root, juniper, gentiana, and chamomile.

Additionally, squalene and centella asiatica add antioxidants, emollients, and nourishing amino acids.

Combined, our proprietary formula keeps your skin hydrated, enriched, and protected against damaging environmental contaminants.

Instructions for use: To use this product, start by cleansing thoroughly. If desired, apply your favorite serums, then apply Extreme No. 3 Cream, massaging gently until this product fully absorbs. You can use it both morning and evening.

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