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Future Cosmetics

Beauty Drops No 3

Beauty Drops No 3

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Size: 8ml & 30ml

Beauty Drops No. 3 is among the best face serum for Oily Skin.

Botanical extracts create a soothing formula that doubles not only as skincare, but a natural primer that you can use for extra radiance beneath makeup.

Juniper extract, gentian, centella asiatica, and burdock are key ingredients that work hard to soothe dry or irritated skin. Centella asiatica also provides amino acids to nourish skin plus antioxidant action.

Future Cosmetics Beauty Drops no. 3 acts as a protective agent, purifying environmental contaminants and free radicals that can cause signs of premature aging. Silk also features in this formula, which makes it ideal for conditioning and rebalancing imbalanced skin.

Future Beauty Drops are for all skin types. For Sensitive Skin, try Beauty Drops No. 1. For Dry Skin, try Beauty Drops No. 2.

Instructions for use: To use this product as a hydrating serum for the face, simply apply a few drops to cleansed skin both morning and evening. Massage it gently into the skin until the product fully absorbs. If needed, you can then follow this product with a moisturizing cream to seal in hydration—or apply makeup as you normally would. If your skin requires intensive care, you can use it several times daily as a local treatment to refresh dryness or dullness.

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