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Anti-Pigment Eye Creme Soldier 10ml

Anti-Pigment Eye Creme Soldier 10ml

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Collagen stimulating Peptides in combination with Glycerin Soja Protein, a plant protein from soybeans with a high molecular weight and Vitamin E content, promotes protein synthesis, improves the efficacy of natural moisturizing factors in the formulation and is an excellent anti-wrinkle agent. Sodium Hyaluronate (L), plumps, lubricates, and moisturizes the skin by preventing trans-epidermal water loss. Bisabolol (L-alpha), which acts as an anti-inflammatory, promotes wound- healing, and also reduces sensitivity.  In addition, it soothes skin irritation and reduces redness. Alpha-Arbutin promotes skin brightening by blocking epidermal melanin biosynthesis through tyrosinase inhibition. Physical pearlized iridescence instantly illuminates diminishing dark circles.

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